May brings excitement to Walt Disney World!

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Lots of big changes have already happened at Walt Disney World however May is shaping up to be an exciting month last night Disney parks blog went live with a live stream of wishes. Guests were asked to go to their Twitter to unlock a special preview of the new fireworks premiering May 12 following the performance Disney parks blog announced that the preview was unlocked and guest could check it out. So like so many other people I had to take a look the soundtrack is going to feature upbeat re-orchestrated Disney Classics along with a very new modern theme song that happened to bring me to tears.

The State of the art show is going to be using some new technology can Vining lasers, photo map imaging, fireworks and an amazing score even though a lot of people will miss wishes I truly think that happily ever after will quickly win them over and become a magical ending to every night at the Magic Kingdom.

At the end of me Disney’s animal Kingdom open it’s long-awaited avatar land guest have been talking about this for many years and it seems like Disney is about to deliver a very unique never before seen theamd land that has been closely guarded by the Disney Imagineering.

So whether you live in Orlando or traveling to the parks soon Disney is about to up the ante in wow factor.

Major Star Wars announcements released from Disney!

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On Wednesday night how are very own Jenie Gallo (The Princess Papers) was on hand at the Disney parks Blog Meetup as Michael Roddy announced some amazing new Star Wars offerings coming to Walt Disney World Resort.

Beginning this month, Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® will have even more to celebrate as favorite Star Wars experiences are updated and new experiences begin in 2017:
Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away: AWR (Advanced Weapons Research) Troopers from the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will debut during a new scene in the existing Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away daytime show. AWR Troopers are encased in specialized Stormtrooper armor with a dark, ominous gleam.

Star Wars Launch Bay: This location will feature new props from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Making-of footage can be seen in the attraction’s behind-the-scenes film, “Meet the Makers.” Similar updates can also be found at Star Wars Launch Bay in Disneyland® Park in California.

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue: Voyage changes are coming starting in mid-December, switching back to randomized beginnings (instead of starting each journey on the planet of Jakku) and final destinations.  

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular: This spectacular show will return nightly beginning Dec. 16, 2016 in celebration of the theatrical release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, joining “Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!” as a second nightly fireworks spectacular at the park through Dec. 31, 2016.

Star Wars Guided Tour: Beginning in 2017, this seven-hour guided tour will be led by a Star Wars “all-in-the-know” tour guide. Your Clients will blast off on Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, get an in-depth, insider’s tour around Launch Bay, and enjoy Star Wars-themed menu items at Backlot Express. Plus, Guests age 4-12 will have an opportunity to participate in Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. And, the finale of this unforgettable day includes themed sweets and specialty beverages at Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party, which also includes reserved viewing for the show. Stay tuned to Disney Travel News for more information on this tour and booking information.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in U.S. theaters on Dec. 16, 2016.

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A special thank you to The Princess Papers and Jeanie Gallo for the great photos and information!

Magical Changes  Happening over Disney

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Characters in Flight balloon at Disney Springs will be replaced in January. New design will reflect the change to Disney Springs from Downtown Disney and is said to be “brighter”/more easily seen at night. Typically the balloons are replaced every 4 years in Florida due to weathering. The Balloon replacement will take approximately one week. The Guest area/catwalk of the balloon should be similar. Exact design not released. #InfoFromIAAPAExpo

About the Balloon 
Custom-built for Disney by Paris-headquartered company Aérophile S.A., the Aéro30 illuminates to showcase the silhouettes of its beloved Disney characters and is filled with 210,000 cubic feet of helium. The balloon’s 19-foot-diameter basket holds up to 29 people plus one Aérophile-certified pilot per “flight.” Guests on board will be treated to stunning vistas up to 10 miles away!

Custom-built for Disney by Paris-headquartered company Aérophile S.A., the Aéro30 illuminates to showcase the silhouettes of its beloved Disney characters and is filled with 210,000 cubic feet of helium. The balloon’s 19-foot-diameter basket holds up to 29 people plus one Aérophile-certified pilot per “flight.” Guests on board will be treated to stunning vistas up to 10 miles away!

Tickets can be purchased on site at Disney Springs


Adult USD $18.00
Child USD $12.00

Hot-air balloon floating in the sky at dusk

Know Before You Go

Tickets can be purchased at the attraction location on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition:

  • Maximum capacity is affected by wind speeds. The balloon will not fly if winds exceed 22 mph or if there is a storm. Please note that the balloon is tethered and will not travel beyond 400 feet at any time.
  • Bags, food and drink, smoking and strollers are not permitted.
  • Guests must transfer from their motorized scooter or ECV to an available wheelchair to experience this attraction.
  • Guests over 9 years of age are permitted to ride by themselves. However, children under 9 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older).
  • Expectant mothers should not ride.
  • This attraction is not recommended for those prone to motion sickness, vertigo, heart problems or any other condition that may be aggravated by flight.

Snoop dogg “Chilln” at the Magic Kingdom

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Walt Disney World fans were all abuzz today as legendary rapper Snoop Dogg was just chilling at the Magic Kingdom with his goofy ears! The Walt Disney World Resort has been all abuzz this week with lots of celebrities reported to be on hand for filming its annual Christmas parade. Even though a lot of musical performances are being filmed in Florida the actual parade portion will be filmed in California. No word on whether Snoop Dogg is part of the entertainment for this year’s Christmas tapings.

Everything including the kitchen sink

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Dew to extreme popularity this event is full…. Tonight at 9:30 Chad Ridge and the Super Size Orlando team will take on Disney World Resorts world famous   “Kitchen Sink” at the Beach Club Resort 

Stop by and say hello to team! But the main event tonight will be of course, dessert! Find all your childhood favorites plus some new showstoppers: grow starry-eyed over the Milky Way Sundae, say yes to the No Way Jose or consider throwing in the towel once you get a load of the Kitchen Sink: 8 scoops of ice cream smothered in every topping they have.

No Christmas “parade” taping at Disney World this year

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The ABC Disney Parks Christmas Day television special will be returning to film at Walt Disney World and Disneyland this year, but with some changes.

DISNEY announced From Nov. 9-13, ABC will be taping portions of the Christmas special at all four Walt Disney World theme parks. Unlike previous years, the parade portion will not be taped in Florida. Instead, the parade will take place at Disneyland in California. 

Here in Walt Disney World, there will be multiple musical performances and stage show elements taped at all four parks. Guests may stop and watch the tapings during regular park hours, but as always specific tickets to be part of the audience before and after park hours are only available to cast members.

This year will mark the first in the special’s 33-year history that some part of the parade portion will not take place at Walt Disney World. The special has also undergone several name changes over the years, with last year’s name being based off the “Unforgettable Happens Here” advertisement campaign. There’s no word if there be another name change this year.

This is always a fun time at Disney even though there’s lots of standing there’s always something to see those with mobility issues should definitely seek a wheelchair if they cannot stand for long periods of times and always make sure you have water!