Halloween Horror Nights Named Nation’s “Best Halloween Event” 

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Guests have spoken…and Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 26 is now the highest-rated in Halloween Horror Nights history. This year’s event packs a powerful line up of nine disturbingly-real haunted houses based on some of the most popular names in entertainment and horrifying original stories, five terrifying scare zones filled with live scareactors and two live shows – and fans have ranked this year’s event the best yet.


Plus, this year’s event also features the highest-rated haunted house in Halloween Horror Nights history – “American Horror Story.” In this thrilling maze, guests become the next doomed residents of Murder House from Installment 1, tortured performers in the disturbing and twisted Freak Show from Installment 4, and victims of the otherworldly, death-dealing Hotel from Installment 5 of the FX hit television series.


CLICK HERE to watch guest reactions and learn why Halloween Horror Nights is the nation’s best Halloween event.


Here’s what fans have been saying:

“My favorite house this year is American Horror Story. The three seasons they have in there are just spot on!”


“You’re going to be doing a lot of running from these creatures out here.”


“It’s unlike anything we’ve ever done. It gets better and better every year. And I don’t think that there’s anything that could ever compare to this.”


“You don’t want to miss a single thing they have here. Every single part is scary to me.”


“The American Horror Story house was hands down the best.”


For select nights, guests can experience theme park thrills by day and become victims of their own horror film by night at Halloween Horror Nights. For more information, visitwww.HalloweenHorrorNights.com/Orlando.


Halloween Horror Nights is the ultimate Halloween event, spanning both coasts at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood.  For more than 20 years, guests from around the world have visited Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and Hollywood to become victims inside their own horror film as they encounter movie-quality haunted houses, hundreds of menacing “scareactors” and outrageous live shows.

This event is extremely handicapped accessible!

  • Guest in wheelchairs will have to transfer to a pushchair
  • Lots of walking and standing in lines
  • Lots of food choices for food allergies

Super Size Orlando Welcomes Walker Mobility as Sponsor

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Walker Mobility has  been Serving Central Florida since 1981, Walker Mobility specializes in providing the best Orlando scooter rentals to vacationers and theme park visitors from across the globe. We specialize in three-wheeled electric mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals and baby stroller rentals making it easier for families and friends to enjoy the area’s world-renowned attractions.

As a locally-based Orlando company, we have better insight into how to make your vacation the best yet! Our Orlando scooter rentals are water resistant to last through rain or shine. Our scooters and baby strollers are built for easy maneuverability through crowds and along pedestrian walkways. And we provide free delivery and pick-up so you won’t need to worry about anything but having fun!


 When you compare Orlando scooter rentals to Walker Mobility you will  see why  they are ranked as Orlando’s best.  There secret?  Walker mobility is dedicated to giving customers the best experience possible. They know you want a carefree vacation where you can focus on making lasting memories with your family, not on lugging around a scooter. That’s why Walker Mobility focuses on making your experience convenient and smooth. They know how to give you the most maneuverability, battery life and expert customer service.

Here’s WALKER  compare to Orlando’s biggest scooter rental companies:

                                        Walker Mobility               Others

PRICE Our competitive rates give you the best service and the affordability you need. The other top Orlando scooter rental companies are priced higher than Walker Mobility.
DELIVERY We deliver and pick up your scooter, stroller or wheelchair to your hotel for FREE. It’s as easy as that. Our competitors charge a delivery fee, costing you time and money.
TURNING RADIUS Our three-wheeled scooters are specifically designed to help you navigate tight crowds and winding pathways in the area theme parks. Orlando’s top scooter rental companies sell four-wheel models limiting your agility. These scooters are much harder to drive!
MILEAGE Walker Mobility’s scooters last all day long—and if your battery does run out, we’ll get you a fully charged scooter in under an hour. Other companies can’t ensure the longevity of your battery, costing you valuable vacation time recharging your scooter.
DISNEY COMPATIBLE Walker Mobility works specifically with the theme parks, so help is never far away. Our scooters are also monorail, boat and bus friendly. Other companies rent scooters, but can’t provide you help while you’re inside the park. Also, their scooter models are not optimized to navigate the park, the boats, the monorail or the buses—a must-have to enjoy the parks.
EMERGENCY SERVICE Our on-site service gives you immediate access to our friendly customer service representatives, no matter where you are. We have extra scooters on-site, so you don’t have to wait for us to diagnose and fix any problems. You are on your way with a new scooter in no time! You may wait for hours for other companies to come diagnose and fix your scooter. You’ll wait and wait, and you’ll only get help if they are allowed on Disney property. If not, you could be waiting all day.

You can get a special price by booking your rental through our very own travel agent Mary Morales contact her for all the great discounts

Highly-Anticipated Virtual Reality Experience “The Repository” Now Open at Universal Orlando

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Displaying The Repository.jpgUniversal Orlando Resort’s immersive – and terrifying – new interactive experience “The Repository,” is now open.Guests can now upgrade their Halloween Horror Nights experience to live a whole new generation of psychological horror.

Those brave enough to take this experimental journey will be immediately immersed in an electrifying story as they explore a legendary, centuries-old warehouse known to house powerful and paranormal artifacts. They’ll encounter haunting live actors and work in small groups of fellow thrill-seekers to survive The Repository and the horrors that lie within.

“The Repository” is available on select nights from Sept. 29 through Oct. 31. This limited availability experience can be purchased for $49.99 plus tax on HalloweenHorrorNights.com or by calling 407-224-7840. Halloween Horror Nights admission is also required.


Super Size Facts

  • Guest with motorized wheelchairs must transfer to push chair
  • Dew to the experience be mindful of your mobility
  • Very intence


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Today SeaWorld Orlando announced its lineup of new attractions, shows and events for 2017, delivering meaningful and fun vacation options for guests.

“We look forward to introducing many new experiences to SeaWorld Orlando in 2017,” said Donnie Mills, Park President, SeaWorld, Discovery Cove and Aquatica Orlando. “We are constantly looking at ways to inspire our guests with up-close animal encounters and thrilling attractions. Now, with so many new additions our guests and pass members have more reasons to visit again and again.”

These experiences include:

kraken Kraken® Virtual Reality (VR) Roller Coaster- Summer 2017

SeaWorld Orlando will debut its first digitally enhanced ride experience as the legendary Kraken roller coaster is transformed into a virtual reality (VR) roller coaster experience.  Using new technology, this thrill ride will be the only VR coaster experience in Florida.

Guests will embark on a deep sea mission alongside sea creatures inspired by extinct and legendary animals of the past, including the mighty Kraken.  A custom digital overlay with uniquely designed headsets, fully integrated both mechanically and electronically into the coaster train delivers a new one-of-a-kind adventure.  The addition of VR to this fan-favorite brings a new level of excitement and interest in Kraken, giving guests the opportunity to experience the coaster in a completely new way.

Dolphin Nursery Dolphin Nursery – Summer 2017

SeaWorld Orlando’s Dolphin Nursery will become more interactive in 2017, giving guests the opportunity to get up close to mother and baby dolphins in all new ways.
Large-scale acrylic windows will offer up close viewing, including multiple levels to give kids a face-to-face perspective with dolphin calves. New slide out areas and lifting floor will also allow for easier access to mom and baby for the veterinary and animal care teams.

The next generation of multi-purpose digital displays will allow SeaWorld educators to share information about dolphin behavior, biology and conservation with our guests by interacting with video from the team’s educational and animal care content.

Seven Seas Seven Seas Festival – Starting February 2017

SeaWorld Orlando’s popular music and food events will expand to a total of 14 weekends in 2017 as part of the Seven Seas Festival.  Inspired by street food from Asia, the Caribbean, South America and the Mediterranean, this expanded festival will bring new culinary offerings to guests throughout the park. Plus, guests will be able to indulge in a variety of international, local and seasonal craft brews on tap giving their taste buds a worldly delight.

FlameCraft Bar Flamecraft Bar – Summer 2017

Continuing the park’s food and beverage focus, a new dining location adjacent to the SeaFire Grill along the waterfront area will provide a great place to pause for a drink in a casual atmosphere. TheFlamecraft Bar will feature 16 seasonal craft brews and a new menu to tempt the taste buds.

Electric Ocean Electric Ocean- Summer 2017

Electric Ocean will debut next summer at SeaWorld Orlando as a brand new, end-of-day spectacle event. As the sun goes down, the lights and energy go up, offering guests a different kind of fun after dark. The ocean comes to life with bioluminescent lighting, music and pathway entertainment, immersing guests in a glowing sea of wonder.

Nautilus Theatre – Summer 2017

Continuing the park’s focus on entertainment, events and shows, an entirely new experience is coming to the Nautilus Theatre. The dedicated summer show will debut Memorial Day weekend.

Pass Member Pavilion Aquatica Pass Member Pavilion – Spring 2017

As part of SeaWorld’s ongoing commitment to Annual Pass Members, the Aquatica Pass Member Pavilion will open just in time for spring break. The exclusive pavilion will feature concierge service, complimentary sunscreen, a private entrance to Banana Beach, private animal encounters and additional offers.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerTM & Friends, SeaWorld Orlando

2016 Christmas Celebration, continuing in 2017

Beloved Christmas character Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and friends, including Clarice, Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster and Yukon Cornelius, and Rudolph themed attractions will be making their debut as part of the 2016 Christmas Celebration™ at SeaWorld Orlando.

Rudolph & Friends will return for the 2017 season, with additional Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-themed experiences for families to enjoy the Christmas spirit even more.  Click Here to Learn More.


  • SeaWorld is a very big Park highly recommend ecv for walking
  • Chefs are very accommodating when it comes to food allergies
  • The spark tends to get very hot so bring deodorant and maybe an extra towel to clean off a dry off
  • SeaWorld celebrates some world-class roller coasters even though you may not fit this park is a must-do. A roller coaster has a test seat before you get in line
  • The best way for guests to visit SeaWorld Orlando is with an Annual Pass or Fun Card and by purchasing a pass now, guests can get three months free.  Also available now is the brand new Transferrable Pass allowing Pass Members to bring a different guest each time they visit SeaWorld Orlando or Aquatica Orlando.

Visit www.seaworldorlando.com for more information.

Disney Performing Arts Takes its Music Workshop to North Carolina High School

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DURHAM, N.C. (Sept. 17, 2016) Phillip Riggs (center) celebrates with his students and Mickey Mouse after the instrumental music program completed a Disney Performing Arts music workshops at North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. The workshop was part of his 2016 GRAMMY Music Educator Award fulfilled by Disney Performing Arts. (Todd Anderson, photographer) Disney Performing Arts Takes its Music Workshop to North Carolina High School Students as part of the 2016 Grammy Music Educator Award

To celebrate his achievement, Riggs’ music students participated in Disney’s coveted workshop called “You’re Instrumental,” as well as interact with Mickey Mouse dressed in his famous band conductor attire. Disney Performing Arts is endorsed by the GRAMMY® Foundation and is a proud co-sponsor of the Music Educator Award.