No Christmas “parade” taping at Disney World this year

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The ABC Disney Parks Christmas Day television special will be returning to film at Walt Disney World and Disneyland this year, but with some changes.

DISNEY announced From Nov. 9-13, ABC will be taping portions of the Christmas special at all four Walt Disney World theme parks. Unlike previous years, the parade portion will not be taped in Florida. Instead, the parade will take place at Disneyland in California. 

Here in Walt Disney World, there will be multiple musical performances and stage show elements taped at all four parks. Guests may stop and watch the tapings during regular park hours, but as always specific tickets to be part of the audience before and after park hours are only available to cast members.

This year will mark the first in the special’s 33-year history that some part of the parade portion will not take place at Walt Disney World. The special has also undergone several name changes over the years, with last year’s name being based off the “Unforgettable Happens Here” advertisement campaign. There’s no word if there be another name change this year.

This is always a fun time at Disney even though there’s lots of standing there’s always something to see those with mobility issues should definitely seek a wheelchair if they cannot stand for long periods of times and always make sure you have water!

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