Super Size Orlando Welcomes Walker Mobility as Sponsor

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Walker Mobility has  been Serving Central Florida since 1981, Walker Mobility specializes in providing the best Orlando scooter rentals to vacationers and theme park visitors from across the globe. We specialize in three-wheeled electric mobility scooter rentals, wheelchair rentals and baby stroller rentals making it easier for families and friends to enjoy the area’s world-renowned attractions.

As a locally-based Orlando company, we have better insight into how to make your vacation the best yet! Our Orlando scooter rentals are water resistant to last through rain or shine. Our scooters and baby strollers are built for easy maneuverability through crowds and along pedestrian walkways. And we provide free delivery and pick-up so you won’t need to worry about anything but having fun!


 When you compare Orlando scooter rentals to Walker Mobility you will  see why  they are ranked as Orlando’s best.  There secret?  Walker mobility is dedicated to giving customers the best experience possible. They know you want a carefree vacation where you can focus on making lasting memories with your family, not on lugging around a scooter. That’s why Walker Mobility focuses on making your experience convenient and smooth. They know how to give you the most maneuverability, battery life and expert customer service.

Here’s WALKER  compare to Orlando’s biggest scooter rental companies:

                                        Walker Mobility               Others

PRICE Our competitive rates give you the best service and the affordability you need. The other top Orlando scooter rental companies are priced higher than Walker Mobility.
DELIVERY We deliver and pick up your scooter, stroller or wheelchair to your hotel for FREE. It’s as easy as that. Our competitors charge a delivery fee, costing you time and money.
TURNING RADIUS Our three-wheeled scooters are specifically designed to help you navigate tight crowds and winding pathways in the area theme parks. Orlando’s top scooter rental companies sell four-wheel models limiting your agility. These scooters are much harder to drive!
MILEAGE Walker Mobility’s scooters last all day long—and if your battery does run out, we’ll get you a fully charged scooter in under an hour. Other companies can’t ensure the longevity of your battery, costing you valuable vacation time recharging your scooter.
DISNEY COMPATIBLE Walker Mobility works specifically with the theme parks, so help is never far away. Our scooters are also monorail, boat and bus friendly. Other companies rent scooters, but can’t provide you help while you’re inside the park. Also, their scooter models are not optimized to navigate the park, the boats, the monorail or the buses—a must-have to enjoy the parks.
EMERGENCY SERVICE Our on-site service gives you immediate access to our friendly customer service representatives, no matter where you are. We have extra scooters on-site, so you don’t have to wait for us to diagnose and fix any problems. You are on your way with a new scooter in no time! You may wait for hours for other companies to come diagnose and fix your scooter. You’ll wait and wait, and you’ll only get help if they are allowed on Disney property. If not, you could be waiting all day.

You can get a special price by booking your rental through our very own travel agent Mary Morales contact her for all the great discounts

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