Don’t get caught dead in traffic at Halloween Horror Nights

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​As everyone knows this year’s Halloween Horror Nights is a raging success!

 Over the last few nights I’ve noticed that traffic has started to build my suggestion to everyone is to arrive early and to avoid the Bus Loop area at all costs! If you’re coming off of I-4 get off on the Turkey Lake exit come down Hollywood get over in the far right-hand Lane and park in the garage it makes for a quick and easy in and out.

Valet is a great choice the easiest way to get to valet is off of Kirkman Boulevard when you get to Universal Boulevard take a left and getting your far right-hand Lane turning right into valet this avoids trying to cross over traffic and getting into the long lines created at the Bus Loop.

Dropping off and picking up passengers the the only authorized pick-up and drop-off location is directly behind the taxis so drivers have to circle around the Bus Loop to get there they should make sure their passengers are on the curb waiting for them because Universal is stepping up Patrols and if you’re not actively picking up or dropping off a pass and you’re being told to circle around. The drawback of uber and Lyft is that even though they know they’re not supposed to be parking and waiting there they are giving the Universal Staff a hard time which is making it hard to drop off and pick up passengers there. And due to the high volume of traffic in the Bus Loop it’s unsafe for passengers to be getting out of their vehicles in the middle of the traffic so the only safe place is in that designated loading zone. So like I stated before avoid the traffic arrive early grab some food and have a great time at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights

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