Disney celebrates Oktoberfest at shades of green with low-cost dinner entertainment package exclamation point

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Once again this year at the Shades of Green Hotel you can celebrate Oktoberfest for only $18.99 from 5 to 10 o’clock on Friday and Saturday the next two weekends you can enjoy the German Buffet with traditional German fare from sauerkraut to schnitzel.

Unique thing about this experience is not only does it include traditional German music and dancing but it also gives guess the opportunity to come on to the shades of green property which is normally only for military personnel only. To join the supersized Orlando team in celebrating Oktoberfest.

To access the shades of green you’ll have to either drive a vehicle or take Disney transportation to the Polynesian and walk across the street. You could also use taxi or Uber

Shades of green is 100% handicap accessible for both TV and other disabilities see menu to see if it fits your dietary needs and happy Oktoberfest everyone

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