New Coca-Cola Store truly top of Disney Springs

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If you’re looking for the ultimate view of Disney Springs for a fun family-filled afternoon, make sure you stop by the all-new Coca-Cola experience.

From the minute you walk into the store, you will experience hundreds of gifts that are made from recycled Coca-Cola cans and bottles. The staff at the Coca-Cola Store is very eager to educate their guests about their commitment to the communities that they serve. Katie and I were amazed to find out just how much can be recycled – even the t-shirts, which use an average of 5 bottles to make.

In the center of the room, there is a really ornate chandelier made of recycled Coke bottles, that looks like huge blown glass bubbles connected to each other by polished steel.  The light shines down onto a table overflowing with handmade products from third-world countries.  They have a huge selection of purses, t-shirts, bracelets, wallets, and these really interesting animal statuettes made from cans!  The sale of these products help support and provide income to families from Africa and Brazil.   

That is just the first floor!  The second floor has all of your favorite retro Coca-Cola items from several different world-wide advertising campaigns.

The third floor is the main reason that everyone wants to come to this awesome attraction: the Coca-Cola rooftop patio! 

This is where you will have the opportunity to try over 24 different types of Coca-Cola soda products from all over the world. For just $14 you can sample 24 types and flavors of beverages.  

Guests are served a generous amount, so that a family of four would easily be able to sample all 24 flavors.  Or, make it a fun date night with the beautiful view of Disney Springs. 

Definiately the most impressive thing that we were able to take from this experience was not only that Coca-Cola is committed to their brand, but they are also very much committed to global communities and the environment. 

Whether it’s a rainy day or a hot summer’s day, this is a must-do attraction for anyone visiting the Disney Springs area. For more information

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