Epcot surprises guests with opening of brand new attraction

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Mary Morales our very own Fairy Godmother and travel agent happened to be in the right place at the right time. This morning as Disney’s newest attraction opened at Epcot.


By 9:30 the line was already up to a 300 minute wait, as word got out Disney surprised guests by opening this splendid new attraction.
As guests exited the attraction the word was exactly the same from each and every one of them “amazing”!


Mary reports that the attention to detail in this new attraction is second to none. Children of all ages will not only leave this with a great appreciation for the fantastic movie but will truly embrace Arendelle.


After speaking with many guests it’s understood that the ride vehicle is very similar to the traditional Norway boats that used to be in its place, so guests of any size can be accommodated.


Today was also the release date for 2017 vacation dates for those of you that want to catch this amazing new attraction and pre-plan your vacation, contact Mary Morales on our staff page and she would be more than happy to look into making your magical vacation come true!
All photos on this page courtesy of Mary Morales

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