SeaWorld celebrates World ocean day June 8th 2016

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Today is World Ocean’s Day – a global day of celebration and collaboration for a better future for the ocean and the animals that inhabit them.

Here at SeaWorld, we serve as ambassadors for the ocean every day. But our work extends far beyond our parks.

Here’s a quick look at just 7 ways that we’re working to protect the ocean and the animals that live there:

1. Over the past 50 years, SeaWorld has helped rescue more than 28,000 ill, injured or orphaned animals. From entangled humpback whales to orphaned manatee calves to cold stunned sea turtles, our rescue team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need.

2. SeaWorld has committed $1.5 million to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation over three years to support ocean health projects. Through this partnership, we created the Ocean Health Initiative – a new marine conservation program intended to protect and restore coastal and marine habitats acrossthe country.

3. It’s estimated that up to 73 million sharks are killed each year just for their fins. SeaWorld has partnered with renowned artist and conservationist Dr. Guy Harvey to help raise awareness and end this practice.

4. We are a leader in Rising Ride Conservation, which promotes efforts to breed and raise marine tropical fish in aquaculture facilities rather than collecting them from the wild, potentially damaging many species of fish and the coral reefs they live. The initiative now includes universities, professional aquarists, aquaculture facilities and retail pet supply companies as partners.

5. SeaWorld is taking a stand against Japanese whaling. Just a couple months ago it was reported that Japan’s whaling fleet returned from the Antarctic with 333 minke whales, including more than 150 pregnant females. SeaWorld believes the world must act to stop this and the United States must lead.

6. With support from the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, we host volunteer events in Florida, Texas and California to restore critical shoreline habitats.

7. We support Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute’s vision is “to advance our legacy of scientific discovery to conserve the world’s rich biological diversity and ensure lasting prosperity for future generations.” One particular initiative that we’ve partnered on is their sustainable seafood program, which replenishes fish populations in the ocean.

You can help, too!

We encourage you to protect the oceans by participating in beach clean-ups or ensuring fish in your home aquariums were hatched through aquaculture. Plus, you can show your support for our oceans by purchasing a Hubbs-SeaWorld “Discover Florida Oceans” license plate; please click here for details.

The ocean covers 71% of Earth and is 97% of the planet’s water supply – do your part in protecting it!
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