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Animal Kingdom Jungle Book show Wows audiences

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As the sunset over Animal Kingdom tonight the park filled with thousands of people anxiously awaiting the opening of the all new nighttime spectacular ” The Jungle Book alive with magic”


Starting as early as 4:30 this afternoon people were standing in line to get into the state-of-the-art seating area. First-hand reports from sneak previews say this Show will change the face of entertainment at Disney.


By 7:30 it was standing room only and crowds were all the way back to the dinosaur area.


This all-new nighttime spectacular will take place at Animal Kingdom stay tuned to supersize Orlando as we visit this amazing new show and live stream in the next few weeks. A very special thank you to some supersize Orlando friends for these great pictures!
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Fear Factor Live 11 years and 10,000 shows

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I can hardly believe that it has been 11 years since Factor Live opened at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. On May 12th  2016 the Fear Factor Live show celebrated its 10,000 show.3…2…1…GO!  Fear Factor Live Celebrates Its 10,000th Show

If you you  have never experienced this thrilling show and want to be a part of it they hold Casting 90 minutes prior to each show for park guest that want to take part in daring stunts in front of a live studio audience.

Using Physical Agility mental strength and all out will power 6 guest face their fears every show.

Tera Corsos  about to meet a  few new friends…As Chad Ridge comforts her

For those guess that don’t make the Final Cut there are some great audience-participation pieces in between each stunt. From a critter challenge to an edible or not so edible food challenge Park just walk out of this attraction shaking their heads in disbelief about this amazing attraction.

So on behalf of the entire supersize Orlando team congratulations on 11 amazing years and 10,000 breathtaking shows and RIP ROCO!

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Re-Vamped Entrance

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The Incredible Hulk Coaster is roaring back to life in late summer with thrilling enhancements that will make one of the world’s best roller coasters even better
.For the first time ever, we’re revealing details about what guests will experience, including:
– A totally new ride vehicle that features a sleek, modern design and powerful audio system that blares an exclusive, original ride score by Patrick Stump, front man for internationally-renowned rock band, Fall Out Boy
– A new, original storyline and completely redesigned queue experience that places guests inside a perilous scientific experiment led by the nefarious villain, General Thaddeus Ross
– An immense new attraction entrance featuring The Hulk himself


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ORLANDO, Fla. (May 17, 2016) – SeaWorld Orlando’s critical care facility received a 1,255-pound manatee mother and her young calf for acute rehabilitation after being rescued May 9 by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) from Tomoka River near Ormond Beach in Volusia County, Fla. In addition, the team also recently received a rescued orphaned manatee from Satellite Beach, Fla.

Mother and calf pair
After careful monitoring by the FWC, it was determined that the 10-foot-2-inch-long manatee mother was experiencing severe buoyancy issues, which could negatively impact her health, eating patterns and the nursing of her calf.

Due to the impact scar on the adult manatee’s back, it is presumed that she was struck by a watercraft. This caused her to suffer from a pneumothorax (air trapped inside body cavity), so SeaWorld’s expert veterinary team placed the manatee in a wetsuit to stabilize the manatee’s buoyancy issue and was successful in removing the air trapped in the chest cavity.

Today, the manatee is no longer in the wetsuit and has been seen swimming more upright. Although showing signs of progress, the care team still remains guarded and has performed radiographs on the mother to ensure there are no broken bones or any other internal damage caused by the watercraft.

The mother’s young calf came in weighing approximately 97 pounds, measuring 4 feet and 5 inches, and still nursing from its mother. The calf has not left its mother’s side and has continued to nurse consistently throughout the rehabilitation process. The calf has also begun to take an interest in eating solid foods, which is a sign of good health.

Orphaned manatee
FWC also rescued a young, orphaned, female manatee calf from the Satellite Beach area and transported it to SeaWorld Orlando. Upon arrival, the manatee was measured and the veterinary team obtained diagnostic samples. The orphaned calf received immediate nutritional support and is currently under a 24-hour watch by the SeaWorld Animal Care team.

The SeaWorld Animal Care Team will continue to work around the clock to provide these three manatees the highest quality of care with the ultimate goal of returning them back to their natural environment.


This year, SeaWorld Orlando has rescued 11 manatees, and returned 13 back to the wild.

Manatee Rescue & Rehabilitation Partnership
As part of the Manatee Rescue & Rehabilitation Partnership (MRP), SeaWorld Orlando is an acute care rehabilitation facility that provides life-saving medical care to rescued manatees.

The MRP is a cooperative group of non-profit, private, state, and federal entities who work together to monitor the health and survival of rehabilitated and released manatees. Information about manatees currently being tracked is available at The endangered Florida manatee is at risk from both natural and man-made causes of injury and mortality. Exposure to red tide, cold stress and disease are all natural problems that can affect manatees. Human-caused threats include boat strikes, crushing by flood gates or locks, and entanglement in or ingestion of fishing gear.

Prince Harry’s Invictus Games Kicked Off with a Heroes Parade at Walt Disney World Resort.

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(May 6, 2016): Competitors from the Invictus Games Orlando 2016, the only adaptive sporting event for injured active duty and veteran service members, were treated to a hero’s welcome at Magic Kingdom today. Athletes representing many of the participating countries from around the world took part in a parade down Main Street U.S.A. amid a sea of confetti and joined by celebrity Invictus Games ambassador and Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson (back row of car, middle seat).

As the Closing Ceremonies come to an end earlier in the week the Competitors from the Invictus Games Orlando 2016 were treated to a hero’s welcome at Magic Kingdom. The athletes, representing many of the participating countries from around the world, took part in a parade down Main Street U.S.A. amid a sea of confetti along with celebrity ambassador and Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson and Disney characters. The competitors and their families also spent some time today enjoying the theme park, experiencing some of the signature attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The Invictus Games, the only international adaptive sporting event for injured active duty and veteran service members, take place May 8-12, at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Started in 2014 by Prince Harry, the Invictus Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, ill or injured servicemen and women who are transitioning into civilian life.


Extreme Engineering’s High Action Adventure to Be Featured at Calypso Cay Resort in Kissimmee

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Starting Summer 2016, Calypso Cay Resort in Florida will offer guests the ultimate stay and play experience with a suite of Extreme Engineering’s High Action Adventure products, including a FlyWire Zipline, Extreme Air Jumper, Rope Quest and Balloon Battles.

Offering unparalleled value-added amenities, guests can conveniently enjoy thrilling adventure products without having to travel outside of the resort. Vacationers can glide down a 300 foot zipline, soar up to 25 feet on a jumper, challenge themselves on a custom ropes course and launch water balloons in an ultimate battle for hours of fun, family friendly entertainment.


Offering a fresh, unique approach, all products within the High Action Adventure line will be mobile within the Resort, allowing the flexibility for relocation around the property and reconfiguring the adventure experience at any time.

To compliment the Resort’s tranquil and tropical ambiance, Extreme Engineering and Calypso Cay Resort collaborated on a custom themed, bright and vibrant Caribbean color scheme for each of the products, fully integrating the adventure into the resort’s oasis vibe.

For more information on Calypso Cay Resorts:

Life of Carole King comes alive at the Dr. Phillips Center

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I have a woeful confession to make … I have never been to an actual live Broadway production.  I’ve only been able to experience my love for musicals second-hand, with recorded versions or the soundtracks, and the occasional school performance.  Last night, every single one of my broadway dreams came true when I was blessed with the opportunity to see Beautiful for Supersize Orlando.  Be still my beating heart, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was!  I grabbed my long-time bestie, and Broadway know-it-all Kristen, and we headed out to the Dr. Phillips Center for our big night out.

Oh! The sets!  I was in awe with the way they seamlessly flowed back and forth.  The techie in me is *dying* to know how they did it, because it looked like everything was just gliding back and forth across ice – so incredibly impressive. 


The costumes were flawless, it was like looking through my parents’ yearbooks!  There were a couple of costume changes that seemed like real Disney magic happening right before our eyes.  One moment, the Shirelles were wearing street clothes, and then just by quickly passing behind a wall, they appeared in full performance costumes!  My jaw literally dropped!  Watching the 60’s come alive before our eyes was like time-traveling.  My parents had me very late in life and I have 3 older siblings, so I grew up on the music of the 60’s and 70’s.  I know it sounds cliche’ to say “toe-tapping” or “whisked back to that era” … but, honestly, that is exactly what happens in this show.  You watch rock-and-roll learn how to take sweet and clumsy baby steps through the hearts of the parent/writers.  I think my favorite was when Matt Faucher and John Michael Dias sang “You Lost That Loving Feeling” as the Righteous Brothers.  Just, WOW.

I’ve always known who Carole King is … but … whoa.  I never realized just how far her talented arms reached.  I never understood just how much she influenced music.  Her personal story is relatable – a difficult marriage to a man who clearly was dealing with psychiatric issues that our modern medicine would have been able to deal with easily, but they just didn’t understand back then.  She balanced a career and motherhood.  She endured, she survived, she thrived.  She became a strong and encouraging voice for women everywhere.  I don’t think she would ever be comfortable with the knowledge that she’s a role model, but after the story I saw last night, she has certainly earned that status in my book.  I can’t wait to share her story with my daughters so they can see that there are incredible women out there that keep fighting.  Abby Mueller is the talented actress that brought Ms King’s story to life, and oh how she shone!  We will be seeing this lovely young lady again and again.  The chemistry between her and Andrew Brewer – who played King’s husband Gerry Goffin – was tangible.  It was very easy to forget that we were seated in a packed theater in the middle of Downtown Orlando 2016 and not in their 60’s apartment in Brooklyn.  And meeting them at the cast party just brought even more sparkle.


Wait!!  Did I tell you that we got to go the cast party?  **gasp**  I just can’t even tell you how special that was.  If you have not been to Kres Chophouse, you need to go.  Grab your phone right now and make reservations for as soon as you can.  Go on, I’ll just wait here until you’re done.  Did you call?  Good.  Make sure you get the beef wellington.  Or the pork belly, tuna tar tar, seared steak … ok, get anything, because it was all so very good!  The cast party was quite tame compared to tales I’ve heard in the past.  Most of the attendees just sat together in small groups at the tables nibbling on all of the goodies and sipping wine.


We had the opportunity to speak briefly with Abby and Andrew before we left, and they were so sweet!  Kristen and I both have had many opportunities to meet celebrities of all types, and we’re very used to the nice smile and handshake and obligatory selfie that they are willing to give.  But not these two!  We were able to speak with them for a few minutes about how much fun the show was to watch – and perform! They were genuinely happy to chat with us, were very glad that we loved the show, and we can’t wait to see what they do next! 

Amazing show continues at the dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts through May 8th tickets start at $38