4th Playlist Live Comes to a close

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Playlist Live is a 3 day convention held in Orlando Florida where YouTubers,viners and venders fly in from all around the country just to meet their fans and have the time of their life.

There is so much to do during this 3 day event on day 1 you have business panels on different discussions like how to make your YouTube channel grow,to how some of these internet stars got their rise to fame as well as business panels to know how to get started in the YouTube community!.

Here’s where it gets good day 2 consists of pool party’s,more panels,one on one meet-ups with the YouTube stars you picked from buying your passes to concerts and also FREE MURCHINDICE!!!

Wait I know your thinking how can you get free murchindice?!?!?  Saturday starts the expo part of Playlist Live and there are booths like you now which is a livestream for bloggers who want to interact with fans giving out shirts and sometimes bracelets. Quest Nutrition giving out free bars for the fans to stay healthy and so much more.

We do advise fans to bring money with them during this three-day event for any food,merchandise from celebrities to even Starbucks for a wake me up.

But there is so much to see and do you will never get bored! This is a yearly event you DON’T want to miss so let me give you some info this way you don’t miss the hottest event of the year!

Tickets: There are different ticket prices for standard,parent pass,business 3 day,and all 3 days plus merchandise with your ticket… This years tickets started out at $104.00 and went up until the event sold out!

Make sure you also book your hotel here when they announce the dates as they sell out quickly this way you can enjoy your experience!

For more info check out

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