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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment (SEA) and world-renowned marine artist and conservationist Guy Harvey today announced a new partnership focused on ocean health and the plight of sharks in the wild.  The two organizations will partner to raise awareness of these important issues, and collaborate on science and research to increase understanding of how to better protect these critical predators and their habitats.

“SeaWorld is committed to raising awareness of the plight of sharks in the wild and the oceans they live in.  As part of our commitment that we made in March of this year, we will put meaningful dollars, research and man hours towards reducing this troubling trend,” Joel Manby, President and CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment said.  “The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Guy Harvey Research Institute have been front and center in this effort for years, and we are proud to open a new chapter in those efforts today.”

Research indicates upwards of 100 million sharks are killed every year in the global shark fishery. The Guy Harvey Research Institute estimates 73 million per year for the fin trade alone. Members of SeaWorld’s animal care team recently joined a Guy Harvey Research Institute shark tagging expedition off the coast of Mexico, tagging six Mako sharks over the course of four days.  Those tagged sharks will be followed by students and researchers at Guy Harvey’s Institute at Nova Southeastern University, and can be viewed by the public online at

“The partnership with SeaWorld will ensure our ocean conservation messages and our efforts to protect Mako sharks reach a broader audience here in the United States and worldwide,” said renowned scientist, marine wildlife artist and conservationist Dr. Guy Harvey. “We are thrilled to gain the support of the SeaWorld team as we continue to bring educational initiatives and conservation efforts to life.”

In addition to the science and research efforts, Guy Harvey and SeaWorld will also work together to increase public awareness about ocean health and the need for shark conservation.  SeaWorld’s new roller coaster, Mako, will be a major platform for this effort.  In the queue lines for the new coaster, guests will be educated and entertained through digital platforms that provide access to the real science of sharks in the wild and ways they can help protect them with Guy Harvey himself as the host.  Elsewhere in the realm guests will have access to real-time shark tracking and videos from Guy Harvey’s vast library of compelling and visually stunning shark expeditions.  Interactive materials will also share information about shark conservation and ways to get involved.

Guy Harvey will also commission an array of exclusive paintings and apparel, which will be available only at SeaWorld.  SeaWorld will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of such items directly to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.  The world-renowned artist will be making park appearances, including the painting of a signature Mako mural for the attraction launch. 

4th Playlist Live Comes to a close

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Playlist Live is a 3 day convention held in Orlando Florida where YouTubers,viners and venders fly in from all around the country just to meet their fans and have the time of their life.

There is so much to do during this 3 day event on day 1 you have business panels on different discussions like how to make your YouTube channel grow,to how some of these internet stars got their rise to fame as well as business panels to know how to get started in the YouTube community!.

Here’s where it gets good day 2 consists of pool party’s,more panels,one on one meet-ups with the YouTube stars you picked from buying your passes to concerts and also FREE MURCHINDICE!!!

Wait I know your thinking how can you get free murchindice?!?!?  Saturday starts the expo part of Playlist Live and there are booths like you now which is a livestream for bloggers who want to interact with fans giving out shirts and sometimes bracelets. Quest Nutrition giving out free bars for the fans to stay healthy and so much more.

We do advise fans to bring money with them during this three-day event for any food,merchandise from celebrities to even Starbucks for a wake me up.

But there is so much to see and do you will never get bored! This is a yearly event you DON’T want to miss so let me give you some info this way you don’t miss the hottest event of the year!

Tickets: There are different ticket prices for standard,parent pass,business 3 day,and all 3 days plus merchandise with your ticket… This years tickets started out at $104.00 and went up until the event sold out!

Make sure you also book your hotel here when they announce the dates as they sell out quickly this way you can enjoy your experience!

For more info check out

The 6th Annual Playlist Live Kicks Off in Orlando

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Playlist Live kicks off a three-day event today where online creators and their biggest supporters come together in one place.

Today was a Business Day but Saturday and Sunday are the core days of the event. When  attendees of the event have non-stop interactive activities and meet and greets going on throughout the entire weekend.

Playlist Live was created by AKT Enterprises, which is an Orlando-based entertainment merchandising company that also created District Lines, along with a handful of other brands.

AKT has been printing and shipping t-shirts since the early 2000s. It got its start by printing merch for bands and businesses. The company never thought it would play such an important role in online video merchandising as it is now. This years event is sold out but to learn more on Play List Live go


Carr Family Adventures at SeaLife Orlando

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(Photography and story by Jessyca Carr)

I was so very excited that Super Size Orlando asked me to cover this! I have four children that all love the sea and all of its mysterious creatures. I fell in love with sharks and the ocean when I was about three, and I’ve been lucky that all of them enjoy them as much as I do. In fact, my nine year old wants to be a marine biologist. We were greeted with a very warm reception that included a steel drum band, turtle-shaped and painted chocolate chip cookies, and face painting!

My older two decided they were too cool to have their faces painted, but my younger two could barely contain their excitement and both opted for sharks. After a quick picture with Magnus the Shark, we were whisked away to go meet the new turtle inhabitants! My kids were super impressed with the habitat and the wide array of small turtles,even got excited to meet some new species they had never encountered before, like the snake-neck turtle. Lilly, my marine biologist-to-be was able to talk to one of aquarists about dangers to both sea turtles, and land turtles. There were several habitats spaced apart so that several people are comfortable walking around and just watching the turtles. Our next adventure was a behind-the-scenes tour of the food prep area,labs, and the top of the tanks.

We were able to learn the story behind Shelly, the rescued sea turtle living at SeaLife Orlando. Shelly was hit by a boat, leaving his back two flippers paralyzed. He developed a condition known as “bubble butt”, where pockets of air get trapped up under the shell and the turtle can no longer dive for food or swim very fast.

Because of this condition, he will not be able to survive in the wild and will be a permanent resident at SeaLife Orlando. Last, but certainly not least, we were able to explore the rest of the aquarium for the first time. My favorite spot was the 360* tunnel where the fish, sharks, and rays swim all around you. I could seriously just move my bed in there and live forever. The kids really loved the touch tank filled with sea anemones, starfish, and other friendly little oddities

.I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit skeptical about aquariums in general because I was raised here in Orlando and I’m very spoiled by the extremely high-quality habitats at both SeaWorld Orlando and The Living Seas exhibit in Epcot at Walt Disney World. I guess one could say that I’m a tank snob!One of the reasons we had not been to the SeaLife Aquarium   yet was because I just wasn’t sure it could live up to my incredibly high standards. I’ve got to tell you, I was ~blown away~ with the entire facility. The staff went out of their way to make sure that our needs were being met, that our questions were getting answered, and that we were getting the most out of our visit.

They are all incredibly knowledgeable about their watery residents, and obviously very passionate about being a part of the population that is ready to do whatever they can to educate, rescue, and make an impact on making the ocean a priority.

As a homeschooling mom, I was very impressed with the plethora of hands-on exhibits. The aquarium has done a great job of presenting information in a way that is easy to understand and fun to stop and read – and even play. The first thing that I said to my husband when he came home today was, “I think we should get an annual pass and go back again and again!” Additionally, the facility itself is clean and obviously well-cared for. (Shout out to my germaphobe moms – the bathrooms were **spotless**!! Yahoo!!)

I’m very glad that SeaLife Orlando  has chosen to make their new home. I can’t wait to see what they do next and the impact they’re going to have in our community. We were genuinely blessed to be able to attend the event today, and we are already planning our next visit!


SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium Celebrates Earth Day with Turtle Fest

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SEA LIFE Orlando has hatched a new plan with the opening of Turtle Fest on Earth Day, an interactive exhibit at the aquarium paying tribute to turtles, tortoises and terrapins. The family-friendly exhibit will feature several new reptiles, including the Diamondback Terrapin, Northern Red-bellied Cooter, the Australian snake-necked turtle and more.

photo by Jessyca Carr

The exhibit will teach young visitors all about these amazing reptiles, from their environments and diets to how they can help with conservation efforts to protect turtles from habitat loss, pollution and other environmental dangers.

photo by Jessyca Carr


“Florida’s coastal regions are home to a wide variety of turtles, and it is only natural that we would create an exhibit dedicated to this resilient reptile,” said SEA LIFE Orlando Curator Andrew Nerness. “We’re excited to provide kids and families with a fun and educational exhibit in an interactive environment.”

photo by Jessyca Carr


About SEA LIFE Orlando

SEA LIFE Orlando is an immersive, one-of-kind aquarium experience that allows marine life enthusiasts to experience the magical world beneath our oceans of the world with interactive touch pools, bubble aquariums, floor-to-ceiling displays, a cold water rock pool, and 360-degree and 180-degree ocean tunnels featuring more than 5,000 sea animals. The 25,000-square foot aquarium attraction is home to colorful fish, sharks, sea horses, stingrays, jellies, a rescue green sea turtle and much more.



photo buy Jessyca Carr


SEA LIFE provides a glimpse of the diversity of marine life, while also playing an active role in animal and environmental conservation. Visitors will see strong evidence of the Breed, Rescue and Protect program with activities around the world, and new projects developed locally, as well as educational initiatives, including guest lectures and talks.


Photo by Jessyca Carr

SEA LIFE is the world’s largest aquarium chain and SEA LIFE Orlando is the 50th location aquarium launched in the world and the 8th in the U.S. SEA LIFE Orlando is located at 8337 International Drive in Orlando, Florida, inside I-Drive 360, the entertainment and dining complex.


For more information on Turtle Fest or to buy tickets, go to

New Update: Tilikum’s Health & Care

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April 18, 2016 – Many of you have been asking for an update on Tilikum, one of the orcas at SeaWorld Orlando. We spoke with trainers and veterinarians today and here’s the latest update from Director of Animal Training Kelly Flaherty-Clark:

“As we’ve noted from the onset, Tilikum has some good days and some not so good days. He recently had a few of the not so good days in succession.  Over the weekend and today his appetite improved a good deal, and we are encouraged by his increased engagement with trainers. Because he had some rough days over the past week, he is in the medical pool where trainers, care staff and veterinarians can monitor him around the clock, and offer him the care and attention he deserves. We know that his fans want him to feel better, and are cautiously optimistic that he will maintain this trend so they can see him soon. Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes. It means a lot to the trainers, veterinarians and staff.”

Tilikum will continue to receive the world-class care that SeaWorld is known for. Keep checking back for the latest official updates on Tilikum. And be sure to check out more about Tilikum, as well as the rest of SeaWorld’s orcas, on our Orca Profile Pages.

New Experiences Will Debut This Summer Across All Four Walt Disney World Theme Parks!

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An incredible lineup of new attractions and experiences will debut this summer across all four Walt Disney World theme parks and beyond.

Minnie Mouse and her friends celebrate the magic of the movies and glamour of Hollywood with an epic feast at the new Minnie's Silver Screen Dine at Hollywood & Vine at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The all new character dining experience is hosted by Minnie and her pals who welcome guests for dinner. Minnie's Silver Screen Dine runs from Jan. 4 to March 20, 2016. Guests can make reservations by visiting or calling 407-WDW-DINE. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

  • A flurry of fireflies awakens the iconic Tree of Life with colorful animation, and the songs of Disney’s new hit film “The Jungle Book” come to life on Discovery River, just two of the many new experiences as Disney’s Animal Kingdom introduces nighttime hours for the first time in the park’s 18-year history.
  • “Frozen,” the top animated film of all time, comes to life for the first time in an enchanting, music-filled attraction in the Norway pavilion at Epcot.
  • Princesses Tiana and Rapunzel join a rousing show on the grandest stage of all in front of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park.
  • An awe-inspiring new Star Wars fireworks and projection spectacular premieres at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
  • Disney Springs welcomes more top shopping destinations and celebrity chef restaurants in a glittering new setting.

Across its four theme parks, multiple resort hotels and diverse shopping and dining offerings, guests will find unforgettable experiences to share with family and friends, making every moment as magical as it can be.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

For the first time in its 18-year history, Disney’s Animal Kingdom will debut new day-into-nighttime experiences that celebrate the magic of nature beginning Memorial Day Weekend.

Disney's Animal Kingdom's iconic Tree of Life will undergo extraordinary ÒawakeningsÓ throughout each evening as the animal spirits are brought to life by magical fireflies that reveal colorful stories of wonder and enchantment. Projections of nature scenes take on a magical quality as they appear to dramatically emanate from within the Tree of Life. (David Roark, photographer)



  • The park’s iconic Tree of Life will awaken each night amid a lively celebration of Discovery Island music and dance. Through stunning visuals, animal spirits appear and enchanted fireflies reveal stories of wonder as the tree morphs to showcase the magic of nature.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris transitions to a new nighttime adventure in the extended orange glow of a setting sun. For the first time, hyenas and African wild dogs join the safari trail.
  • Discovery River becomes the stage for music and pageantry in a limited-engagement show inspired by Disney’s hit live-action film The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic is a live show filled with music and special effects that celebrates the new film and the classic songs, now infused with an Indian influence.
  • Hungry adventurers can have lunch or dinner at the new Tiffins signature restaurant on Discovery Island Memorial Day Weekend. Guests seated in the restaurant’s travel-themed dining rooms or on the waterfront patio can sip libations and savor dishes featuring African, Asian and South American flavors.
  • Across the park, guests can experience wondrous new nighttime experiences and entertainment celebrating marvels in nature and enjoy long-time favorites such as Expedition Everest, DINOSAUR, Kali River Rapids and more – in a whole new light.


Anna, Elsa and other beloved characters from the blockbuster film, “Frozen,” will give the summer season a warm hug at Epcot beginning this June. Meanwhile “Turtle Talk with Crush” makes fun waves and Soarin takes guests to new heights.

Joy and Sadness from "Inside Out" Coming to Epcot

  • Anna, Elsa and their Frozen friends will welcome guests aboard the new Frozen Ever After boat ride that sails into a “Frozen” world at the Norway Pavilion. Passengers on their way to Arendelle’s Winter in Summer Celebration for Queen Elsa visit the ice palace and hear beloved film tunes plus new lyrics by Oscar-winning “Let It Go” songwriters Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.
  • Also at Norway Pavilion, Anna and Elsa will greet guests in the new Royal Sommerhus, modeled after a traditional Norwegian cabin.
  • In Future World, guests will celebrate the U.S. debut of the new Soarin’ Around the World attraction at The Land Pavilion June 17. Now with a third Epcot theater, plus new digital screens and projection systems, the expanded attraction takes guests on an exhilarating “flight” above spectacular global landscapes and man-made wonders.
  • Guests will also find new additions at “Turtle Talk with Crush” beginning in May with characters from Disney•Pixar film “Finding Dory”. When Crush the sea turtle swims up to the “Human Tank” at Epcot, he’ll be joined by Dory and some of her new friends that guests will get to know when “Finding Dory” swims into theaters on June 17, 2016.

Magic Kingdom

Classic Disney characters will join contemporary animated film stars this June in a new extravaganza on the grand Cinderella Castle stage, and Magic Kingdom guests can experience a new dining adventure.

'Zootopia' Characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps at Magic Kingdom Park

  • For the first time, Tiana of “Princess and the Frog,” and Rapunzel of “Tangled,” co-star with Anna and Elsa of “Frozen,” and a host of favorite Disney characters in the new Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire show. Performed on the grandest stage in the kingdom, the star-studded tale of friendship presents Mickey Mouse and his troupe of Merry Makers – Minnie Mouse, Donald, Daisy and Goofy – who invite 10 new friends from different animated worlds to join the celebration. This “timeless fairytale” of a show combines grand dance, fireworks and stunts with memorable music, an original song and special effects.
  • Disney Parks will welcome Elena of Avalor, Disney’s first princess inspired by diverse Latin cultures. Elena of Avalor will appear at Walt Disney World Resort later this summer and at Disneyland Resort in the fall, following her television debut in a new animated series this summer on Disney Channel.
  • Next door to the legendary Jungle Cruise, guests can enjoy the bold flavors of “World Famous Jungle Cuisine” served by the wisecracking crew of the new Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen. It’s the first Disney full-service restaurant themed after a specific park attraction.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

In the galactic wake of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, new Star-Wars-themed experiences shift into light speed.

Guests visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios can experience "Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular," a dazzling Star Wars-themed fireworks show set to memorable Star Wars music from throughout the saga. The fireworks spectacular is featured nightly. Disney's Hollywood Studios is one of four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort. (Chloe Rice, photographer)


  • The next generation of Star Wars-themed fireworks shows, “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular,” will premiere this June with new themed fireworks, lasers, special effects and video projections of iconic characters and scenes from the complete saga, all set to the unforgettable score of the film series.
  • The live stage show “Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” debuted April 4, celebrating moments from the Star Wars saga with live vignettes featuring popular characters such as BB-8, Kylo Ren, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul.
  • First Order Stormtroopers led by Captain Phasma march in formation from Star Wars Launch Bay to the park’s Center Stage, adding menace to the entertainment. Star Wars Launch Bay showcases large-scale artifacts and encounters with characters including Kylo Ren. The re-imagined Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple experience also features new characters. And at Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, guests buckle up for an enhanced high-speed journey with new Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters and a visit to Jakku.

Disney Springs and Water Parks Make a Splash

Inspired by Florida’s waterfront towns and natural beauty, Disney Springs is a charming district filled with unique retailers and restaurants from award-winning chefs. Throughout the summer, new stores and restaurants will open as Disney Springs more than doubles the number of retail, dining and other venues for guests.

Coral and rainbow of tropical fish greet snorkelers at Shark Reef,
a tropical spectacle at Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Walt Disney
World Resort.

Disney guests will have a magical summer experience wherever they play, dine, relax or celebrate at Walt Disney World theme parks, entertainment venues and resort hotels. For more information about Walt Disney World Resort, visit