Beetlejuice last review at Universal Studios

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Today is a very sad day at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida as one of its iconic shows Beetlejuice Graveyard Review will close today. The closing of the show will make a way for a new attraction. When rumors of the show closing started a few months ago its fans flooded guest services with letters requesting the show not be closed. Even certain cast members took to social media with their passion for the show. However growth is needed within the Universal property so at the end of the day the graveyard will be no more.

Back in 2005 and 2006 I was a Show lead and had the opportunity to work at this amazing venue. The cast and crew are like family. The operations cast members who work the front gate cherish the position and openly interact with guest. On any given day you will see no less than 20 Beetlejuice fanatics. Some of these fans come because they have a favorite actor. Some of these fans, because they have a favorite character. They know every line of the show by heart they sing the songs out loud but one thing is for sure they love beetlejuice.

Is this the end for Beetlejuice?
I certainly hope not they have a show very similar to this one in Japan and it’s a hit there as well. So all you can do his say his name three times and hope that he comes back to Universal Studios Orlando!

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