Boys ll men rocks Epcot

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First show for eat to the beat concert series at Epcot

People started standing in line as early as 11 o’clock to see Phillies hometown boys perform at this year’s eat to the beat concert series at Epcot. By 4 o’clock the standby line was packed. It was rumored that Fast Pass had sold out almost immediately upon being released for every show.


The boys did not let the crowd down even though it was a sweltering 91 degrees out the packed American pavilion went nuts as the guys took to the stage.


It was very obvious from the energy of the show that these talented performers put into their show that they were excited to be back at Disney performing so closely to their fans.


During the second show Orlando’s own Joey Fatone took to the stage for a song.The eat to the beat concert series give disney guess the opportunity to have a very intimate and almost private performance by some of their favorite stars. They have also done a very good job segregating the theater so there is a fine mixture of dinner package guest, fast passed guest and stand by guest. In true Disney fashion the 2 guests that were the first in line that had been waiting there since 11 a.m. were ushered to the front row.

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