Month: October 2015

Universal Studios show celebrates 20 years!

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Barney show celebrates 20 years

Universal Studios is known for its world-class attractions and amazing shows however a day in the park with Barney is nestled across from the ET attraction. This great show has been running continuously for 20 years.

Recently I had the opportunity to check out this great show. After 20 years this show has made very few changes. The pre-show gives you the opportunity to meet Mr Peek-a-boo who engages the children to use their imagination to find the secret way to get into the park with Barney.

Mr peekaboo giving instructions to the boys and girls

Once everybody is seated in the park which is actually a very well air conditioned theater. Everyone is asked to use their imagination to bring Barney to life. Magically Barny appears and immediately starts to sing and dance.



Barney is very quickly joined by Bj and Baby Bop.  The show is filled with songs with very catchy lyrics such as down on the farm.

The cast performs down on the farm

This fast-paced show keeps children and adults engaged. It’s great seeing all of these families interact with such a well known childhood character. At the end of the production the children have the opportunity to have their picture taken with their new best friend.

The Theme Park Entertainment War

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Last year over 50 million guest travel to Central Florida many of them have the opportunity to check out some of the best theme parks in the world. But how are these guests being entertained while they’re going from attraction to attraction?

Festival of Fantasy parade

The Magic Kingdom has always had their spectacular 3 o’clock parade their new Festival of Fantasy parade is breathtaking with its amazing soundtracks and highlighting all the characters every child and adult knows.

Universal Studios  launched a new parade  highlighting some of its newest characters. Even though their parade goes out at 5 o’clock throughout the day different parade units take to the streets to entertain the guests and to do a meet and greet.

Hop parade float Universal Studios

The Magic Kingdom it’s definitely one of the most magical places on earth where else can you see Cinderella’s castle however as soon as you walk in the gates at Universal Studios you’re greeted with the studio band and you make your way down Hollywood Boulevard you run into lots of your favorite characters. It reminds me a lot of the Magic Kingdom many years ago where the characters just showed up it makes them more real and alive. Where else can you be walking down the middle of the road and almost bump into the Simpson family or be greeted  by Princess Fiona as she was walking over to check on donkey.

The Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios or two totally different experience is both have their unique memorable moments and both should be visited.
So remember when in the theme parks take your time and enjoy the shows and let the magic happen!