Halloween Horror Nights 25 Jack’s back and he is killing it!

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From the minute you walk in the gate at Universal Studios Orlando you feel the tension at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. If you scroll down the streets of Hollywood you will you welcome my icons from the past. As you reminisce of some of the top icons from the past 25 years don’t let your guard down because you never know what is lurking behind you.


This year’s Halloween Horror Nights would not be complete without a unique look into the deranged world of Jack the clown. This years carnival of carnage show takes you into a game show style setting where everyone has a “Chance” to survive.


Ironically jack is not the only clown in town unexpected guest casually walking through the park are confronted with chainsaw wielding clowns this care zone has been a huge hit.

Some real standouts are Jack’s house this amazing and unique house take you back over the years with some of the most memorable moments of Halloween Horror Nights.

Freddy vs Jason
If you are a Freddy or jasons in this house is going to be your favorite the theming and attention to detail throughout this house was totally amazing I had several really good scares and the interaction with this characters and guest is top notch

Photo Universal Studios Orlando

Not sure how to say this except for this house literally scared me silly the perfect use of misdirection lighting and effects make this one of the top houses of the year. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I won’t go into any real detail except for its worth the wait.


I really feel after going to the houses and scare zones this year that Halloween 25 will go down in the record books as one of the all-time great years I strongly suggest that you get your tickets early because I see this event selling out the last few weeks. The only drawback that I see is that due to the amazing feeling of the houses people may go a little slower than I have in years past which may draw the lines to be longer. Universal Studios team has hit a homerun with Halloween Horror Nights 25 can I look forward to heading back a few more times.

For more information and tickets go to http://www.HalloweenHorrorNights.com

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