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Two of the most feared icons in horror film history, A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger™ and Friday the 13th’sJason Voorhees™, will be unleashed at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 25 in a terrifying new haunted house. Guests will experience the ultimate battle of evil vs. evil as witnessed in Freddy vs. Jason.

Charles Gray of the Universal Studios Blog announced the new experience in his blog this morning.

Freddy’s coming to get you, and he’s adding a machete-wielding killer to the nightmare – it’s Freddy versus Jason at Halloween Horror Nights 25.

Taking elements from the 2003 slasher/thriller film, Freddy vs. Jason, the Entertainment Art and Design team at Universal Orlando Resort will drop guests into the middle of this epic battle.

In 2007, both of these iconic horror denizens stalked their own houses at Halloween Horror Nights 17. This year, we’re placing them in the same house, knowing they won’t play nice. The body count will rise as each tries to claim the title of best serial killer.

Fans of the franchises have always argued which big baddie would win in a fight. The 2003 movie gave the fans a taste of this battle royal. At this year’s event, both Jasonand Freddy will attack the guests from all sides, as the two villains try to tear each other apart.

The winding path will take the guests/victims through recognizable locations from each character’s world. Freddy and Jason will each get their due, but we must remind you…. this is Freddy versus Jason.

Will Jason and Freddy attack the guests? Absolutely. But they’ll also be stabbing, slashing and ripping each other apart. From Camp Crystal Lake to 1428 Elm Street, there will be many surprises capturing famous film moments.

This house holds something for everyone. The casual fan will be immersed in the environments and the scares. The uber fan will have the opportunity to scout out the multitude of Easter eggs hidden through out the house.

But in the end, there can be only one winner…

Check out this video and grab your tickets to see if you’ll survive both killers.

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