Disneyland ticket scam hits Los Angeles

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As Disneyland is counting down the hours till its 60th anniversary Los Angeles news sources are reporting that there is a scam underway with  Disneyland tickets on the popular website Craigslist.

According to sources Los Angeles Police Department detectives are warning the public about buying discounted Disneyland tickets on Craigslist after several victims tried to use them a theme.

In each instance, the seller post Disneyland tickets for almost half price, according to an LAPD news release. After being contacted by the victims, the seller arranges to meet them.

photo courtesy of Disneyland Facebook page
photo courtesy of Disneyland Facebook page

The first reported incident a female victim paid $1,600 for 10 tickets that were sold for $60 each. She also purchased 20 additional tickets from the same seller for $50 apiece.

The victim attempted to use the tickets and discovered they were not valid and had no value, She tried to get in touch with the seller again but was unsuccessful.

A second victim purchased six tickets for $500, which they paid for in cash. When the victim went to Disneyland with their family, they found out the tickets weren’t valid, the release stated.

In the third reported case  the victim contacted the seller on Craigslist and arranged a meeting.  That person attempted to use the tickets at Disneyland and was advised by security that the tickets had not been activated and were not valid.

when purchasing tickets you should only use a reputable travel agent or Disney website http://www.Disney.com

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