Booking The Ultimate Orlando Vacation!

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With all the new websites, message boards and informational resources out there just the thought of planning a vacation to Orlando can make your head spin. However with a little bit of research and a personal travel planner you can have the ultimate Orlando experience.


There are several different ways you can book your travel to Orlando you can go to a discount website and book everything individually or you can book directly with the park through their website. but I would personally recommend you find someone that specializes in Orlando travel. With all the new high-tech changes and meal plan add ons it’s best to have someone that specializes in Orlando to help you navigate through it.

photo by Marvelous Mouse Travels
photo by Marvelous Mouse Travels

By using a travel agency that specializes in Orlando you get someone who understands your families travel habits.

Your travel agent will also be able to help you figure out what is best for you and your family so your package is customized to your needs.

Booking directly with a website you get boxed into whatever package the computer feels that you fit into based on your preferences. The computer does not make suggestions based on you. A little secret that most people don’t know is that what when you book directly with the resorts website you normally get the same price as you do using a travel agent. and sometimes you even get a better price using the travel agent because they can trim certain things off the package and add others that would fit your travel habits.

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